Behavior Adjustment Training

Is your dog’s behavior out of control?

Are you at your wits’ end?



Behavior Adjustment Training

Is your dogs behavior out of control?



Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)

Does your dog bark, lunge or cower away from other dogs, people or even things in his/her environment? Is walking your dog a nightmare as you are always concerned about seeing things that will cause him/her to react?

BAT teaches your dog a new way to communicate his/her needs in a more socially appropriate manner.

What this means for you is that you have a dog that is calmer and happier at home or in public.

Through controlled set-ups, BAT teaches the dog to regulate his own emotional response by letting him develop his own coping mechanisms to calm himself down.

Therefore, you will have a better understanding of your dog’s behavior and you will know how to help your dog so that he/she does not react.

BAT will also teach you and your dog survival skills and how to get out of Dodge when those sudden environmental surprises pop up!!!!

 Therefore, you can be more relaxed on walks because you will have the education and tools to know how to handle the situation.

As a certified Behavior Adjustment Trainer, I have the answers for you! I look forward to hearing from you.




My dog’s name is Ernie and he is a little, white, fluffy ball of anxious and reactive energy. We started seeing Jennie to get help with managing Ernie’s leash reactivity, lunging, and aggressive behaviours towards strangers (particularly men). She taught us how to use BAT techniques to help manage Ernie’s anxiety. She also opened our eyes to two-way communication with our dog. Above all else, we are 100% more confident in managing his behaviour in a constructive way. Jennie is extremely patient and motivated to help. She spent endless hours reviewing recorded videos of training exercises. She supplied us with quality resources and thorough feedback. She was also a rock solid emotional support to us during setbacks and periods of frustration. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Natalie Anne

Dog Mom

I highly recommend A Rock Solid Dog for anyone with concerns about their pup’s behavior. After a frightening experience, my pup developed reactive behaviors toward other dogs and she was growling and lunging! Thankfully we met Jennie and began learning a LOT. Jennie’s knowledge of canine behavior is mind blowing and her approach is based on positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment. Once we began learning new skills, Jennie helped set up practice opportunities in real world environments which really solidified our learning. I’m beyond delighted to report that my pup is now friendly with about 90% of dogs we meet, and for the small minority that trigger her – I am able to notice her communication well in advance and use the techniques Jennie taught us to support her, in turn assuring she never feels the need to reach the stage of growling or lunging. It’s been almost three years now since I have seen that reactive behavior!


Dog Mom

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